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Week 13: She is hungry. ...


Marina / Thursday, September 27 2007 03:12 PM

I love the pictures. I also approve the continuous visits to the mall. She will be of my kind if you keep up the mall visits.

Week 12: Brrrr. That’s ...


Week 11: Chatty Kathy! ...


Marina / Wednesday, September 5 2007 10:50 AM

Time does fly! This is crazy, she has changed so much since I first saw her. I love the giant eyes and big poutty lips. She will be a little Angelina by the looks of it.

Week 10: The well behaved ...


janice / Thursday, September 6 2007 11:56 PM

Sleeping for 10 hours hugh...plenty of time to drive up North!!!

Week 9: Sleeping beauty! ...


Marina / Thursday, August 23 2007 11:34 AM

Watch her be 6 feet tall! That will be so cool! Then I can claim her as mine ;)

Week 8:Lilly got to meet ...


Cousin Janice / Saturday, August 25 2007 10:21 PM

Cousin Janice had so much fun playing with little Lilly and her mommy & daddy. She is just so beutiful and precious. I can''t wait to see her again. Keep posting the pictures so we can follow her development. Love you all!

Week 7: Matt was out ...


aunt cindy / Thursday, August 16 2007 01:47 AM

Hi Jen Matt and Lillyanna, Our visit was super special. Lillyanna is beqautiful!!!! And you two are so special together, you compliment each other at every task. I trust Lilly is continuing to extend those night time sleeping hours. Hope Matts 3 day trip was short and sweet.Must be home by now. I bet he missed his

Week 6: (5.5, 5.5, 6.5, ...


Week 5: Lilly maintains her ...


Aunt Elly / Thursday, July 26 2007 02:30 AM

Aww, you''re just still (all!) high from the caffiene in the chocolate!

Week 3… The baby is ...


Aunt Cindy / Wednesday, July 25 2007 03:24 PM

Thanks for the sounds as if Lillianna has Mom And DAd well trained ! I know Grandma E had a terrific time and she WILL be Back!!

Week 2: The 3 McNerney’s ...


Gramma E / Sunday, July 22 2007 02:59 AM

You just betcha it''s a smile. Any one that says otherwise never was a mom. Just because she farts and smiles at the same time is pure accident. Keep allowing hwe to rule the household. Please assure Lilly I will be seeing her real soon, as I am having some trouble taking nap without her. Love and hugs G-ma

Marina / Tuesday, July 17 2007 11:35 AM

I am happy that Lilly-Beth will associate Mike and Marina with a party. This is a good way to start off our relationship with the young''en.

Chris / Monday, July 9 2007 12:39 PM

Yup, if she looks hungry and acts it she is hungry!! I can remember being told not to be shocked when we brought Ashley back in for her week 2 visit that she wouldn''t gain much and in fact could possibly loose some weight. Keep feeding her...she will grow fast. Of course you have to remember, as much as you feed her, you will have to change her...Matt that is your job...enjoy!!!! Keep up with the journal, we all enjoy reading it. Love, Chris, Renee and Ashley

Week 1: Matt, Lilly and ...


aunt cindy / Saturday, June 30 2007 02:43 AM

WOW..a letter from the President!!! He just doesn''t write to ALL new babies...Lillianna MUST be VERY SPECIAL!!! Never let that aura of co-operation gives such comfort to Lillianna..even feel that love and caring. It makes me feel good to know that friends are helping out too.MAy God keep Blessing you.
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